Artificial Intelligence and Applications

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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence to develop intelligent machines that works like human to do tasks such as speech recognition, decision-making, reasoning, learning, problem solving and translation between languages. Our Machine Learning company in India is developed to make human life easy in different aspects and perform enormous works with more accuracy. It has become an intelligent part of today’s industry which is crucial as data is growing big. It can perform tasks such as identifying patterns in data more effectively than humans thus making business more profitable. Knowledge Engineering and Machine learning is a core part of AI.

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Get the best information from AI Blog by going through our list.

Benefits of AI:

  • Machines overcome human limitations such as it does not require break thus is a more powerful hardware than human.
  • Due to programming of the robots, they can do more hard work with greater responsibility than humans.
    Artificial intelligence is designed such they helps us in reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision.
  • Used for mining and fuel exploration process.

Application of AI:

  • Artificial Intelligence is widely employed by financial institutions and banking institutions to organize and manage data.
  • In medical field it is used in radio surgery for operating tumor.
  • It plays best role in gaming application as used as intelligent as Path Finding, learning, perception, and planning (decision making).

Used in military, intelligent robots to find the enemies in specific area.

Different Branches of AI:

Instead of treating these as branches, these are regarded as concepts.

Logical AI: Action to any act is decided by logics written in sentences. The program decides what to do by inferring certain actions which are suitable for achieving its goals.

Search: It is an algorithm that takes problem as input and returns with a solution from the search space. AI programs often examine a large number of possibilities and discoveries are continuously made to do it effectively.

Pattern Recognition: It is the study of how machines can make observation of some kind and compare what it sees with a pattern.


Self-improvement advantages would allow digital minds to modify themselves, lead to improvements. Algorithms can be improved to give a larger boost than hardware improvements, new modules can be designed for new kinds of domains. Thus AI plans can overtake human experts. Artificial Intelligence will continue to play an important role in the various fields such as medical, military, financial field. Webtunix is Machine Learning company in India providing services like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, analytics & knowledge graphing capabilities at scale. These technologies and its applications have far reaching effects on human life in the years to come.