What is Difference Between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

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What is Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science which aims at making machines logical and intelligent. It rely on making systems able to perform tasks with human intelligence. In industries AI has become an essential part because it simulates human intelligence. The process of simulating human intelligence by machines is achieved by Artificial Intelligence. Machines are programmed for some characteristics such as reasoning, knowledge, problem solving, planning, learning and manipulating abilities. Artificial Intelligence outcomes for developing intelligent devices and system. Some examples of artificial intelligence are: speech recognition, smart cars, fraud detection etc.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning makes the computer able to learn without any explicit programming. It is a field of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning deals with building algorithms and by self learning process they produce more accurate outcomes. These algorithms are applied in Machine Learning model as per requirement. Input is given to algorithms and after proper statistical analysis prediction is performed. Algorithms of machine learning are categorised as supervised or unsupervised. For regression (continuous) and classification (discrete) problem where we have labelled data, supervised learning is used. In case of clustering and association problem we have unlabelled data and unsupervised learning is applied. Machine learning examples are: Practical speech recognition, self driving car and prediction system.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning is an approach to AI which involves machines to perform tasks. AI makes machine smarter and Machine Learning enhances its accuracy. For increasing the performance of AI, systems are built with Machine Learning Algorithms. It is a research area where machines are trained through self-learning process and make prediction. Since Artificial Intelligent systems are augmented with machine learning models, these models learn from training data and then tested using test data. After training of model evaluation is done and accuracy can be checked.

The basic difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is their application. AI make machines smarter but to make machines intelligent machine learning is preferred. Machine Learning makes AI to move towards progress by making improvements in algorithms of Machine learning. As Machines Learning makes system capable to learn from past experiences using some sample data. Thus we can say that Machine Learning as a field of Artificial Intelligence has overcome the limitations of human.

Machine Learning is used in complex systems where human fail to perform in small time interval. For massive quantity of data to store and delivering faster results with high accuracy machine learning is the best platform. With many advances in machine learning methodologies development have been done. Machine Learning has expressed its application in robotics. Robots are designed to perform tasks of human to avoid time issue as well as loss of human life. Places where humans can’t survive and is impossible to manage work, machine learning has made robots to serve at that place with more energy and efficiency. Presently robots are working in many fields such as medical, finance, military, mining, research, mechanical work and science.

Conclusion: Today Machines are integral part of human and this is due to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AI techniques are using Machine Learning strategies and it’s becoming popular. Still research is continued in this field to attain final objectives. For decision making artificial intelligence is adopted. Further to enhance its performance machine learning is applied. Nowadays artificial intelligence is everywhere, mostly in every application which we are using. It has become a strong part of our life. These technologies have moved intelligence from computational programs to real models. Still research work is being done on it to attain human level intelligence.

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