Prediction System

Prediction System

Prediction system is analytics based on statistics and modeling to determine future performance based on current and historical data which focus on patterns in data to determine if those patterns will emerge again. Also it allows businesses and investors to know where they should use their resources in order to take advantage of possible future events. Webtunix is a Machine Learning company in India, working in various models of Deep Learning using Keras, Theano and Tensorflow to develop AI enabled systems.

Supervised learning model techniques of machine learning are used in predicting stock price trend of a single stock, development of trading strategy logic and deep functionality of stocks to understand stock market better. Machine learning optimizes trading firms strategies thus predict movement of stock portfolio by analyzing stock candles and its mountain. We are providing business problem’s specific solution by predictive analysis for smarter decision making as well as keeping data secret and protective.

Machine data not just comes at great speed with huge volume, but is also different from other data types such as in structured transactions or unstructured text and media. Our team can designs algorithm using Support Vector Machine or Neural Networks based on problem complexity.

Various problems handled are stock market prediction, time series prediction, image recognition, facial and object recognition.

  • What happens when technology unravels far-reaching prediction possibilities?
  • What happens when an ancient knowledge is empirically & mathematically mapped out in pursuit of scientific basis?
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  • What happens when a system brings together a unique knowledge base, a high-powered prediction algorithm and cloud-based enterprise technology for the ultimate delivery convergence in prediction?

Various Artificial Intelligence techniques Fuzzy logic emerges as an advantageous in predicting future events.Objective type of fuzzy modeling is used to build prediction system and improve its efficiency while subjective fuzzy modeling is used to develop necessary input for prediction system. In stock market prediction subjective fuzzy modeling is applied which helps to take better personalized decision, enabling customers and business for their better management.

Machine learning has proved to be a powerful tool as prediction of outcomes on basis of historical data is done in an efficient manner. Since our Machine Learning Company in India develop models with the intent of delivering maximal predictive accuracy. We have build models for the prediction of stocks, horse race, betting and sentiment analysis.