Webtunix is one of the leading online training providers in Machine Learning discipline. These courses will help you to understand Machine Learning and its Real Time Applications. You will receive training in Deep Learning and Python which are in great demand today. You not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

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Webtunix is an emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning company helping people to grow their career and business everyday.Our Mission is to help professionals to achieve their career goals, with experts having wide range of tricks and tips for insightful advice.

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You can learn from our online tutorial in various emerging areas such as Data Science, MATLAB, Python and its framework (Django, Flask), Financial Stock Prediction using Deep Learning, Data Mining, Web Scraping and many more.

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Webtunix provides online training in machine learning discipline. We are leading certification training providers to many professionals to get train, acquire certifications and up-skill them. Our blended learning approach of experts helps in a great assistance.

Our courses are designed to help you to get started in field of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we are providing strategic learning opportunities to individuals. This course gives you brief idea of machine learning and introduction to python and flask. After completion of the course you will be provided a certification of course.

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Be a part of career growth company that offers you many opportunities to grow and develop your skills. We work with a planned strategy dedicated to customer services. Make work with our clients who are growing and leading their industry, help them to make better decisions effectively. Webtunix offers flexible and vital work culture leads to deliver valued solutions to our customers.

Reinventing the old ideas and making them great with the most influential people. If you are creative, smart and innovative towards your work we are just the place for you. We include team full of innovators in different fields working together.

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This paper proposed a Clustering approach based routing protocol for VANETs. The proposed algorithm is a distributed clustering algorithm together with OLSR Routing protocol, which possesses excellent Data dissemination rate, where Data dissemination is defined by throughput of protocol. In addition, the algorithm is also perform excellent in terms of End to End delay and exhibits a reasonable overhead.

The algorithm is achieved by utilizing a new clustering technique based protocol called OLSR-C (OC).The clustering scheme uses a vehicle's position (provided by GPS) and velocity information to form clusters with low relative mobility between the cluster heads and their cluster members.

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