Data Visualization

Web and Data analysis is process of applying systematic statistical and logical techniques to examine each component of data provided for obtaining useful data by inspecting, cleaning and modeling it. Data from various sources is collected, inspected and then analyzed to form some sort of conclusion.

Methods include Data Mining, Data Visualization, Test Analysis and business intelligence. Data is collected from operational environment, thereafter processing is done to get useful information further analysis and production of data is done. In case of quantitative data regression (statistical approach) analysis and necessary condition analysis (to solve critical factor of an outcome.) techniques are used. Data regression is statistical modeling while NCA is logical and mathematical tool for finding and testing necessary condition in the data set.

We are a team of Big Data Analytics company in India supports many leading Big Data sources such as Hadoop, Spark, Hbase, Flumes, Map Reduce, Cassandra and more. Our sole aim is to transform your complex data sets into intuitive & effective reports, dashboards and visualizations with the help of big data analytic services so that business owners can have insights into their businesses.

Types of Web and Data analysis:

There are two types of analysis mentioned below:

1.Descriptive analysis: Descriptive analysis is based on the description of data which is based on a particular sample only.

2.Inferential analysis: While Inferential analysis is done to find statistical support for hypothesis which is based on the law of probability.

Benefits of Web and Data analysis:

  • It can be used for many purposes such as risk analysis, corporate asset planning, financial modeling and marketing.
  • Used to build better business relationships by deep understanding and analysis of data sets.
  • By access of data beyond individual data analysis can lead to a better decision making and more precise result.
  • Big data analysis is also a very good tool to companies for analyzing the data related to their customers for customer service satisfaction.


  • In marketing analytics creating more effective marketing campaigns and getting the right information for your business, gaining a better understanding of customers.
  • In Health care, data analysis tools are used to collect data from different areas such as claims and cost data, pharmaceutical and research and development (R&D) data, clinical data, and patient behaviour and sentiment data. It focuses on recognizing various patterns in healthcare data enabling better health.
  • In automobiles, it is used to improve vehicle quality, driving experience which enhances safety.

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