Basic Introduction to Deep Learning and Applications

Brief Overview of Deep Learning:

Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence. It has been made to reach the goals of Machine Learning.

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence Services are making a change in IT industry. It is an area of Machine Learning algorithms having multiple layers for feature extraction and transformation of each successive layer using output from previous layer as an input.

Deep Learning and Data science includes learning of deep structured and unstructured representation of data and allow to build a solution optimized from algorithm to solve Machine Learning problems. It is fastest-growing field in machine learning using deep neural networks to abstract data such as images, sound and text. Thus Deep Learning has become growing trend in Artificial Intelligence to abstract better results when data is large and complex. Deep Learning consists of an artificial neural network which refers to the depth of the network. Neural networks are inspired by structure of cerebral cortex. Perceptron is the basic model of neural network.

Neural Networks:

Neural networks consists of deep layers, first layer is input layer and last layer is output layer, middle layers are called hidden layers which are used to increase the accuracy while in case of complex structures of data. The most remarkable thing about neural nets is that no human being has programmed a computer to perform complex tasks.

Programmers have rather fed computer with a learning algorithm, exposed it to terabytes of data, hundreds and thousands of images and many of years with worth of speech samples to train the model. Further it allow computers to figure out for itself about how to recognize the desired objects, words or sentences. In short, such computers can now teach themselves. All these Deep Learning tasks has made a revolutionary change in Artificial Intelligence.

Benefits and Applications of Deep Learning:

  • Natural Language Processing Software: This tool helps the computer to convert (understand) messages or text.
  • Image Recognition Software: This tool enables the computer to search, sort, and segment for object detection.
  • Speech Recognition Software: This tool allows human to interact with their smart gadgets

Neural networks was started as simple pattern classifiers and moved towards very complex tasks like language modelling and machine translation. This is far from a comprehensive tour of the world of machine learning and just scratches the surface of what modern neural networks to do. These models are changing our world every day and will soon be appearing everywhere in our society.

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