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Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

Today, the field of artificial intelligence is more vibrant than ever and we are on the threshold of discovering something that will change our human society irreversibly. Artificial intelligence companies are constantly working in this direction and they have achieved applaudable results too.

But, there is a lot of confusion about artificial intelligence among the general masses. For example, people assume artificial intelligence and machine learning to be the same. But both these terms are different and have a different meaning. Machine learning is a process by which a computer can learn the skill while artificial intelligence refers to a computer that can think for itself without being explicitly programmed.

Now, we will discuss important things about artificial intelligence companies that you need to know:

AI is developing faster


Do you know that artificial intelligence is developing faster than you think and is progressing exponentially? Humans tend to think is a straightforward path. But each and every aspect of artificial intelligence is accelerating. Including AI too. According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, he calls this the “Law of Accelerating Returns” and presents evidence that advances equal to the entire 20th-century gains which were attained between 2000 and 2014.

He also cites that the same amount is going to happen in 2021. Understanding the exponential nature of progress will help us to keep moving at the same rate. This will also help the artificial intelligence companies to make scientific advances in the future.

Artificial intelligence companies want you to use AI every day

Apple’s SiriGoogle NowCortana is the best examples of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence companies want us to use AI all day and every day. Artificial intelligence can be seen in vacuum cleaners, video games, cars, mobile, search engines, E-commerce software, medical researches, and international financial markets.

Artificial intelligence companies are making sure that AI reaches general masses and impact the society in a broader way. There is no denying in the fact that AI applications are blending swiftly in our day to day lifestyle whether you notice or not.

AI Companies believes that Computers will be as smart as Humans by 2020


In 2013, researchers surveyed hundreds of AI experts on when they thought there was a 50-50 chance that human-level artificial intelligence will arrive. The average that came out was 2040. The average life expectancy in USA is 82 years. So, there is a high chance that a 59-year-old today will see computers as smart as humans in their lifetime.

Which artificial intelligence companies are winning the AI race?

There are many technical giants that are into artificial intelligence. For example, Facebook uses artificial intelligence to drive various public serving like search results, recommendations, recognizing people and places in photos, translations and more.

But one of the most viable uses of artificial intelligence has been the rise of virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortanaand more. These rely heavily on voice recognition and natural language processing.

While Apple’s Siri may be the first to enter the game, it is Google and Amazon who have taken over the Apple in the AI space. Google assistant has the capability to answer a wide range of queries. On the other hand, Alexa has a massive number of skills that third-party developers have developed to add to its capabilities.

Which countries are leading the way in Artificial Intelligence?

If you think that US tech is leading the way in artificial intelligence race, you might be committing a big mistake. Chinese firms like AlibabaBaidu and Lenovo are investing heavily in artificial intelligence research from e-commerce to self-driving cars.

India is also emerging as a leader in artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence companies like Webtunix AI are investing heavily in artificial intelligence development and research and providing a solution to world leaders like US, Canda, UK, UAE, Australia etc.

What are the recent landmarks in Artificial intelligence development?

There is a comprehensive list on the recent achievements of artificial intelligence but some of the recent highlights include Google’s self-driving car of its Toyota Prius that completed more than 10 journeys of 100 miles each.


In 2011, the computer system IBM Watson made headlines worldwide when it won the US quiz show Jeopardy beating two of the best players the show has ever produced. IBM Watson used natural language processing and analytics on a huge repository of data that is processed to answer the human created questions that too in a fraction of second.

In June 2012, it became clear as just how machine learning systems were becoming better with the computer vision. Training the deep learning algorithms can take a long time. It also requires a vast amount of data in the form of test data and iterates the system gradually to refine its model to achieve the best outcome.

Artificial intelligence companies continues to pass its new milestones. Last year, a system trained by Open AI defeated the world’s top player in one on one matches of the online multiplayer game Dota 2.

How will artificial intelligence companies change the world?

The desire for robots to be able to act autonomously and navigate all on their own means that there is an overlap between the robotics and artificial intelligence technology. Use of artificial intelligence is robotics is helping the robots to move autonomously, for example,self-driving cars, delivery robots etc. General Motors recently said that it would build a driverless car without a steering wheel by 2019.

Speech and language recognition

Machine learning systems have helped the computers to recognize what people are saying with an accuracy of 95 percent. Recently, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence and research group has reported that it has developed a system to be able to transcribe spoken English as accurate as the human transcriber.

Facial Recognition

In recent years, the machine learning systems have helped the computers to accurately build the face recognition systems. Chinese tech giant Baidu says that it can match faces with 99 percent of accuracy. The police forces in western countries have generally only trialed using the facial recognition system at large events.

Webtunix AI has developed an automatic number plate recognition system that can accurately detect the number plate of the cars. This system is quite useful in parking systems and criminal activities.


Artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the healthcare sector. Artificial intelligence applications can pick out the tumors in X rays which helps the researchers to spot the generic sequence related to diseases and identifying molecules that can help in creating a more effective drug.

There have been trials of artificial intelligence technology in hospitals all around the world. These include IBM Watson’s clinical decision support tool.

Webtunix AI has created AIVaid that will diagnose your health according to current body symptoms, this AI Application provides accurate health report, the smart way to find the care you may need.

What are the services that Artificial intelligence companies are working on?


All the major cloud platforms like Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Azure and Google Cloud Platforms provide an access to the GPU arrays for training and running the machine learning models. Google is also preparing its user to use its Tensor Processing Units. These are the custom chips optimized for training and running the machine learning models.

All of the necessary associated infrastructure and services are available from the big three, the cloud-based data stores capable of holding the huge amount of data. These services can transform the data to prepare it for analysis, visualization tools to display the results clearly and software that simplifies the building of models.

These cloud platforms are simplifying the creation of custom machine learning models, with Google recently revealing the service that automates the creation of AI models. This drag and drop service builds custom image recognition models and requires the user to have no machine learning expertise.

Cloud-based machine learning services and artificial intelligence companies are constantly evolving and at the beginning of 2018, Amazon revealed a host of new AWS offerings designed to streamline the process of training up the machine learning models.

For the businesses that don’t want to build their own machine learning models but instead want to consume the AI-powered on-demand services like voice, vision and language recognition. Microsoft Azure stands out from a lot of services which is closely followed by Google cloud platforms and AWS.

IBM is also attempting to create sector-specific AI services which are aimed at everything from health care to retail.

Will AI take over your Jobs?

Artificial intelligence will kill jobs. But this is partially true. AI will generate more jobs than it would kill. Most of the task you do is either automated or it will become soon. Experts believe that most of the jobs will be done by robots within 30 years. This can lead to unemployment and the unemployment rate can increase by 50%.

This might sound bad but many studies have revealed that technological unemployment will open doors for the jobs which people will do for pleasure and not out of necessity. Concepts like universal basic income will mark the beginning of a societal support structure that could allow us to make it feasible.

While AI won’t replace all the jobs, AI will definitely change the nature of your work with only one question being how rapidly and how profoundly artificial intelligence will make an impact on the workplace.

There is barely any field of human endeavor that AI does not have an impact on. Many people are doing routine and repetitive work. Technology is especially good at automating the routine task. There is a significant risk of technological unemployment over the next few decades.

AI will think the way as you do

Artificial intelligence is the technology that is designed to operate in a way that humans operate or think. Artificial intelligence available today is not about perfectly replicating the human brain and putting it in a computer chip. Various forms of software that use AI strive to make the user experience as much like interacting with the humans as possible.

Like humans, Artificial intelligence systems are not perfect. They have to learn and adapt just like humans do. AI systems have to learn and adapt by taking in information, data, processing it and storing it for future reference.

Investors are funding heavily on artificial intelligence companies

Artificial intelligence is considered the hot market for startups typically ebbs and flows. But it is quite obvious that artificial intelligence is a hot market. The number of artificial intelligence startups is growing. Many of the artificial intelligence companies have raised more than $100 million in funding after a few years in operation.

Moreover, big startups are not only responsible for the surge in AI, But Major technological giants are also investing in the space and acquiring AI companies as well. Google was in the news when it acquired AI startup DeepMind in $400 million andFacebook recently purchased

This is just the Beginning


This is just a beginning of artificial intelligence companies. There is still a long way to go. The advancements in deep learning and machine learning are dependent on the expansion and improvement of Neural Networks. Artificial intelligence assistants like Amy can help you to book meetings and schedule the appointments. Apple’s Siri can answer basic questions and Diamond can help you to manage and locate your dispersed emails and files.

Although these programs are impressive, they are not creative and are unable to make decisions beyond precisely what they are programmed to do.

That is why the AI developed by artificial intelligence companies is known as “Weak AI” or Artificial Narrow Intelligence. ANI is limited to a single task and is not self-aware. It can mimic the way humans think and communicate their ideas.

ANI is pretty great but artificial intelligence companies experts are striving towards the goal of Artificial general intelligence- programs that will be able to reason, plan and handle complex concepts. Moving further, there are Artificial Super Intelligence programs that are smarter than all the collective minds on the earth. AGI will be able to think and scale at the speed of the human brain. Both AGI and ASI will be able to learn beyond their programmed functions.

But we are not there yet

Needless to say, we have come a long way towards the AI journey. But there is still a very long way to go until we have to worry about the AI surpassing human intelligence. Artificial intelligence companies are constantly looking to improve the ways how AI can be used in real life.

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