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Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

In the era of gadgets and gizmos, Artifical Intelligence is the high rated technology in the field of data science.  Fundamentally, Artifical Intelligence and its sub-domains are changing the whole thing around us. However, it is also a myth that only experts can use the power of deep learning. Anyone can use deep learning applications by gaining a little bit of knowledge about it.

The term Artificial Intelligence not only refers to the single technology but a number of technologies. It lies at the intersection of big data, computer programming, and big data.  In this technology, programming is used to provide design and framework for technology. Machine learning is one of the technologies that come under Artificial Intelligence. It can create machines skilled in carrying out a compound series of calculations automatically. These calculations can be related to particular actions in the case of robots.

Each day entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers from all over the world are getting familiar with artificial intelligence. It is creating new ways for people to conduct business, altering the retail landscape of tomorrow. Now it is very easy to track and analyze the purchasing behavior of any vendor and their yearly sales can be estimated with the help of Artificial Intelligence technologies easily. Nowadays people love online shopping. Many people waste a lot of time to choose clothes.  It will be very grateful if we could have an artificial agent identify our fondness and recommend us the impeccable outfit.  It is possible with the help of deep learning only.  There are various deep learning companies which are working on this platform only. Recommendation system is very demanding these days. As the products are increasing it is needed to focus on the particular genre of the clothes instead of wasting time on other genre.

Now, let us discuss E-commerce Recommendation System – 

A real ecommerce recommendation system permits you to laser aim the accurate products to consumers at numerous touch-points, through different pages on your site as well as across a variety of pre and post-sale marketing channels. It learns about a customer’s first choice, their level of buyer concentration and shopping habits, using that information, as well as data collected from other buyers showing similar traits, to make custom-made recommendations for products or add-on services that are particularly applicable.

Assisting shoppers to find out items that they want to purchase is an indispensable part of turning them into customers. In the retail world, both online and offline, a huge amount of efforts goes into establishing stores, indicating items and serving people find their way towards the things they want. It is also true that every purchasing is not planned; customers devote a lot of money on impromptu purchases, the things that they possibly didn’t recognize or think of they required or until they saw them. Apart from this, it is one of the major concepts of Artificial Intelligence which has made great advancement in technology

Intelligent recommendation engines develop with every interaction, learning more about what is significant to each individual visitor, permitting it to make increasingly more accurate suggestions that are more likely to appeal. Amazon is the best example where you can see multiple instances of the product recommendation in action. Deep learning concept is used at every step of the website journey. On some pages, it’s estimated that over 70% of Amazon screen real estate is given over to recommendations. But it’s a tactic that pays off, as product recommendations drive 33% of the retailer’s revenue. And a third of Amazon’s revenue is a pretty big deal.

How Ecommerce Recommendations can boost your online store’s profits ?

When you successfully done you’re shopping, significant product recommendations can provide a enhancement crossways several levels of your marketing efforts, even across different channels, on and off-site. It helps to optimizing the most of the traffic, Increase the content for all user to upsurge your probabilities of securing a sale, while off-site communications can also be modified; growing the chances you have to bring clients back to your place to buy from you again.

Now explore some steps to boost store sales: By following these steps, a retailer can boost their sale:
  1. Increasing translations through custom-made marketing: It is observed that the recommendation system is really helpful to shape your content of the site. By analyzing current and previous session data, you ensure that customer has seen their own exclusive form of your store, from the homepage through to the shopping cart. Intelligent recommendations distribute the exact products at the right time, and the business benefits of this are clear – it will help you sell more.
  2. Saving a sale: There are some conditions which always frustrate customers such as that product is out of stock which they like the most, appropriate size is not available etc. This situation frustrates the retailer too. But it doesn’t have to end up like that. AI powered technology now help you to recommend similar products of different brands and available in your size, which you are looking for. This method can be organized with even more competence and speed with an ecommerce store. This increases the chances that they will still buy from you rather than leave in search of the out of stock item on another stop.
  3. Customer Loyalty: Personalization is one of the utmost effective ways to grow customer loyalty. Modifying the ecommerce experience to every individual confirms that they find what they want faster and they can complete their buying rapidly and proficiently. It also makes the experience more satisfying and means they are more expected to coming back to your store in the future.

In the nutshell, we can say that a lot of money has been put by the E-commerce’s, such as Amazon or EBay in the US in recommendation system.   Basically, their main aim is to woo users to buy more things.  Therefore, they are building great teams to improve the accuracy of their recommenders. By following the above mentioned step retailers can definitely increase their sales and profits. At Webtunix AI services are provided to make a profitable recommendation system.


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