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Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications You need to Know

Hospitals spend a lot of money on customer support service to answer the queries of the patients. Customer representatives take the queries of patients through various channels like phone, email chat etc. Artificial intelligence applications have a smarter solution for this problem. The solution is not only cost-effective but also saves a lot of precious time. Here we are talking about Chatbots. Chatbots are helping the patients to find the doctors, fix appointments any provide other related pieces of information.

However, it is a matter of debate that should artificial intelligence applications are used in the hospital industry where lives of patients are at stake? Should this task not be assigned to human staff? This task was assigned to human staff in the past. But there are many other important tasks that they have to perform. Like assisting the doctors in making progress reports, managing patient database, and other related tasks. These are more important tasks that require human attention. The task of interacting with patients, fixing appointments are repetitive tasks that can be automated.

This will ultimately help the human staff as the workload is shared. This will speed up the process of a patient’s treatment. First of all, let’s discuss something about Chatbots.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots comes under artificial intelligence applications that can make an Auto-conversation with the user. Chatbots can understand the human conversation and is able to respond. They have the ability to simulate the human conversation. Chatbots are available 24/7 at the patient’s service and never get tired or bored. Chatbot development companies along with hospitals are building solutions that would help the hospital industries to improve the customer support service.

Hospitals and clinics have to drain out a lot of money in patient support staff and solving patient’s queries. Even the big names in the hospital industry are hesitant in providing the round the clock patient support staff. Chatbots service can help in improving the current situation. Most of the times, patients queries are very similar. Chatbots can be automated to answer simple queries. The most complex queries can be handled by human staff. Now let’s have a look at how Chatbots can be money savers for hospitals and clinics:

Patient interaction and engagement

Artificial intelligence applications in the medical field have helped hospitals to interact with the patients in a better way. Hospitals can interact with the patients in two different ways: existing patients and generating the new leads. Leads are somewhat out of the context of the hospital industry. But you have to accept that- hospital industry is also a type of business.

In the first scenario, chatbots can help existing patients by providing them with assistance. Chatbots can answer simple queries of the patients. Chatbots can help in making an appointment with the doctor, check doctor’s availability and many other tasks.

Using the chatbots on the hospital website can improve the conversion rate to great extent. That too without putting in much cost. More and more patients are already on the online platform and searching their symptoms over the internet. Hospitals and clinics can engage with these customers by directing them to their websites. Chatbots makes conversation with these patients and can help in generating new leads.

Chatbots in Medicine and Drugs

Chatbots are not only helping doctors but also medical practitioners and pharmacists. Pharmacists are using it as a channel to communicate with the patients. People are more aware than ever before and they want to know about the medicine that they are prescribed. Pharmacists can provide information about the drugs and medicines to the people. Chatbots are emerging as a profitable tool for hospitals and clinics. By providing the information to the people, pharmacist companies can gain reputation. Chatbots can be used for this purpose. Chatbots can help in engaging with more people. Chatbots can also provide information about the composition, side-effects, directions for use of any medicine. This helps in improving the sales that too at low investment.

Chatbots in medical equipment

Not all queries of the patients are related to drugs, medicines or doctors. People are using various medical equipment in their day to day life. They have many queries regarding this medical equipment and devices. Hospitals and clinics are providing information about medical equipment also. Chatbots can help hospitals and clinics in this scenario also. Hospitals provide information about medical equipment. This also improves the customer engagement as well as profit of the organization. With chatbots handling most of the task, they are becoming money savers for the hospitals and clinics.


Artificial intelligence as a service has helped hospital and clinics in providing better and cost-effective solutions to the patients. The current patient support service in the hospitals needs a reform. Chatbots are acting as the agents of change. Chatbots are providing a cost-effective solution to hospitals. Chatbots are a one-time investment and have a high Return On Investment (ROI). Chatbot development companies are helping the hospital industry by handling patients better and generating new leads. AIVaid, a Human Health Diagnostic application Built by Webtunix, which predicts the current condition of the human body by filling out the answers with some symptoms questionsWe are an Artificial intelligence Company that is providing chatbot solutions to the hospital industries. We have provided customized and tailored chatbot applications to various hospitals and clinics. If you are also willing to get to the next level in terms of customer satisfaction, you can too take our services.

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