Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to watch out for 2018

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to watch out for 2018

Artificial intelligence is a growing field and is becoming one of the most well-funded categories. Artificial intelligence companies are offering a wide range of services from data automation to real-time data analysis and prediction systems. Here is a list of top artificial intelligence companies to watch out for in 2018.

Webtunix AI (India)

Year Founded – 2015

Webtunix AI is handling the most advanced problems in Data Science and Machine Intelligence. Webtunix AI offers flexible, scalable, state of the art Artificial Intelligence services to Industry. Today’s leading organizations are using Machine Learning–based tools to automate decision processes, and restarting to experiment with more-advanced uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for digital transformation. 

Their prime focus is on Deep Learning - which is the most important tool for Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Database Prediction System, Video/Image Processing and Object Detection.

Webtunix Solutions is the top artificial intelligence company that helps you to provide intelligent web services related to Industry needs. At Webtunix, you can get plenty of Machine Learning Services such as Web Scraping, Data Mining, Object Detection, Video and Image Processing, Natural language processing and many more. Webtunix AI has developed Artificial Intelligence solutions for clients in the UAE, Canada, Australia, China, and the USA.

Google Deepmind (London)

Deepmind was acquired by Google in 2014. DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its applications. It is considered as one of the top artificial intelligence companies. Deepmind is on a mission to push the boundaries of AI. They are developing programs that can learn to solve any complex problem without needing to teach how.   

If they become successful in building such technology, this will be one of the most beneficial and scientific advancements ever made. This will help in increasing the capacity of mankind to tackle some of the most challenging real-world issues. They are focussing on many real-world problems like climate changes, healthcare etc which are suffering from painfully slow progress. 

Facebook Recommendation Systems

Facebook is one of the biggest organization that is working on an artificial intelligence application. It is one of the top artificial intelligence companies. The growth of data on the internet has made it complex to use machine learning algorithms on full data sets. For personalization, where data sampling is not an option, innovating on the distributed algorithm is necessary to allow us to scale the constantly growing datasets.

Facebook has built the recommendation engine to provide a personalized user experience. The recommendation engine powers the App Centers and helps it to learn the people preferences to serve them with the app recommendations that are timely, relevant and unique.

Amazon recommendation system

Amazon is one of the biggest E-commerce giants and it is also among the top artificial intelligence companies. Amazon integrates recommendations across the buying experience – from the product discovery to checkout. This enables personalized suggestions in E-commerce. They use artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend the best products to the users on the basis of past history.

In May 2016, Amazon opened up its sophisticated AI technology as a cloud platform. The company unveiled DSSTNE – an open-source artificial intelligence framework that Amazon developed to power its own recommendation system. These recommendation systems learn and scale more efficiently. Amazon has kept its AI engine open source. This increases the probability that a developer outside Amazon can make the recommendation system better.


IBM is another top artificial intelligence company that is helping the businesses to drive the smart reinvention of the workflows and technology. IBM helps you to implement the data first strategy, take advantage of data, augmenting with the third party sources and integrate with other advanced technologies like IoT and intelligent automation. IBM guides the businesses to achieve tangible results faster.

IBM provides services like cognitive customer care that helps to improve the customer’s user experience while lowering the operating costs with Watson AI technologies. 

Argo AI

Next on the list of top artificial intelligence companies is the Argo AI. Argo AI is a US-based artificial intelligence company. Argo AI was founded to tackle one of the most challenging applications in computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence with self-driving vehicles. Argo is developing and deploying the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to help build safe and efficient self-driving vehicles that enable these transformations and more.


Toutiao is a China-based company founded in 2012. Toutiao is a content platform the enables people to discover a content powered by artificial intelligence technology. Toutiao uses artificial intelligence technology, natural language processing, and computer vision technology to integrate the most relevant content for users by gradually learning the readers enjoy through analysis of data obtained from the social networking accounts.


SoundHound is US-based top artificial intelligence company founded in 2005. It is the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI and the conversational artificial intelligence technologies. Soundhound’s Houndify is the first independent AI platform that enables developers and businesses to deploy it anywhere and retain the control of their brand and users while differentiating and innovating.

So, here was the list of top artificial intelligence companies to watch out for in 2018. 

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