Image Processing

Image Processing Services

Image is a non verbal representation of object in 2D. An image is represented as d(x,y) and is composed of finite number of elements (pixels) each of which have their particular position and value, where x and y are spatial coordinates and d is intensity of pixel. If an image needs to be processed it has to be converted in digital form by sampling and quantization first. A digital image is numerical representation of image.

To process an image by means of a digital computer is called digital image processing. Manipulation of image is done in order to enhance or extract useful information from images. An image is further processed by applying some image processing methods such as Image compression, Image enhancement and Image restoration. After these methods we get an image or characteristics associated to that image as an output.

Algorithms are designed according to need and various operations are performed on images with respect to their perspective algorithm. Digital image processing is always an interesting field because it gives improved pictorial information of image data for storage, transmission, and representation for machine perception.

Why image processing:

There is a lot of difference between human visual system and imaging devices. Human visual system does not perceive the world as digital detectors. Thus for accurate and validate results image processing is required. Basically image processing has five basic purposes i.e

Visualization is done to observe the objects which are not visible in an image.

Image sharpening and Restoration makes quality of image better.

Image retrieval system helps to return image from large datasets by browsing and searching.

Measurement of patternMeasurement of pattern helps in identifying various objects on image by analyzing patterns.

Image recognition is used to distinguish different objects in an image.

Benefits of image processing:

Image processing is used in various fields like biology, astronomy, security (Biometrics), contrast adjustment, noise removal, edge detection, region detection (segmentation), Image compression, digital inpainting, remote sensing and medical imaging. All of these helps in our daily issues. There is a serious need for image processing services such as for security purpose (weapon detection), biometrics and to extract features.

If you are searching for company of Artificial Intelligence in India then Webtunix solutions is the best organisation. It offers services of image processing, designs algorithm using MATLAB and Python to achieve maximum accuracy. Our designed designs are optimized to use advance data structure algorithms to achieve maximum accuracy and throughput. We even offer research and innovation which starts from the basic research to applied research where the focus is always to lead towards technological development.

Our services include image processing using MATLAB and Python, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Denoising of images using fuzzy logics.
  • Recognition of images like face recognition, object recognition and pattern recognition.
  • Edge detection.
  • Feature extraction.
  • Fingerprint matching with fuzzy.
  • Image watermarking, steganography.
  • Detection of car’s number.
  • Change in color space.
  • Geometrical transformation.
  • Image thresholding.
  • Smoothening of images.
  • Histogram using OpenCv
  • Image transform using OpenCv
  • Retina detection of eye
  • Image segmentation.
  • Image forgery detection.