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Artificial Intelligence Companies Complete your enterprise need from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for Machine Learning.
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Human and Computer Vision

Webtunix AI is a Data Science Consulting firm helps Artificial Intelligence Companies to research on Human and computer vision. It is harnessing the power of Computer Vision and artificial intelligence to make the camera super intelligent in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, Singapore, Brazil, India.

Low Light

Eliminate the low light problem in your images and make them look good.

Object Removal

Remove the unwanted object in the image based on your requirement like if it was never there.

Background Removal

Remove or customize the environment based on your requirement. Our platform can do it all for you.


Beautify your images with our image beautify platform. Make your image look better and high definition.

Face Contouring

Our computer vision platform can improve your images with face contouring and customization.


Convert your low light and low-quality images into high definition images using our HDR platform.

Annotation we support

Our human-in-the-loop Image annotation services includes can annotate images, text, and videos.

Sementic Segmentation

We are Data Science Consulting Firm offer semantic segmentation tool is used for feature detection and training the perception models in the non-enviornmental objects of interest.

  • Full pixel semantic segmentation
  • Panoptic segmentation solution
  • Individually segment the object of same classes
sementic segmentation
video annotation

Video Annotation

Looking for Artificial Intelligence Companies for Videeo annotation? Try out our video and Image annotation tools for Your App.

  • Locate and track the objects frame by frame
  • Object tracking for autonomous cars
  • Train the self-driving prediction models for vehicles

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Our Data Science Consulting company offer 3D point cloud annotation tool is built on high-quality point labeling to improve the perception models.

  • Powered with the heading, yaw, and tracklets of objects accurate up to 1 cm with 3D boxes.
  • Understand the movement of objects in any environment.
  • Polyline annotation tool for the lane tracking and guided navigation.
3D Point Cloud Annotation


Our Data Science Consulting Company has dedicated solutions for the point annotation in the satellite imagery.

  • Can be used to detect and count the minor objects
  • Used for the pose-point annotations
  • Detect the facial features for face recognition

Our Solutions

Our end to end business solutions powers the world’s smartest businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

We work on Artificial Intelligence technologies to deliver the end to end Machine learning projects. We will introduce the data analytics in your business with a wide range of Artificial Intelligence services. If you are looking for Artificial Intelligence companies, here is your last setp. Webtunix is well-known data science consulting firm in USA, Canada, United Arab emirates and India. Gain new competitive advantage by developing the new business solutions. Our main focus is on AI and Machine Learning services including but not limited to Natural Language Processing, deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, predictive analytics, and computer vision as a service. We are working towards the goal of extending the human potential by eliminating the repetitive tasks. We share creative ways to solve the resource constraints like doing research in small teams, getting the large datasets and competing with the tech giants. We create every Artificial Intelligence application that empowers your Industry to higher growth.

Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions include data analytics consulting, development and testing to eliminate the guesswork and benefit from the planned decision making. We handle each project individually and provide business solutions that cover the business needs best. We help your business to automate the processes, business tasks, data analytics, strategy, marketing, insights and recommendation through a real life AI interface. We Data Science Consulting company optimizes your business processes to take decisions automatically and deliver in real time in cost optimized and efficient way. We can build in-depth systems with multi level data for personalization and recommendation. We build a value based artificial intelligence software system for the automated decision making for businesses.

AI-Driven Modeling For Business Infrastructure

Compatible with your Workflow and Infrastructure

Our Services

We make AI simple. We focus on outcomes and providing you with the technology, skills and people you need to bring AI into your business.

Human And Computer Vision

We are the top choice Data Science Consulting firm when it comes to building a computer vision solution. Our serving includes almost every sector of concern. Our human and computer vision platform offers solutions like object detection, image classification, object tagging, video object tracking, and semantic segmentation.

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Natural Language Processing(NLP)

By utilizing natural language processing, we can improve the conversational interfaces of your business and handle the interactions between humans and machines. NLP is used in the semantic search, autocomplete, lemmatization, faceted search group and more.

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Speech and Audio

Artificial Intelligence Companies offers audio and video classification models for image classification and labeling the semantic segmentation. We have developed the real-time speech to text transcription system and speech categorization platforms reinforced by the machine learning models.

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Data Reinforcement and Categorization

We have a unique human in the loop data reinforcement platform which is customizable to great content. We have successfully accomplished data categorization and reinforcement jobs like text extraction from PDF, product categorization, content deduplication, and moderation.

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Video Object Tracking

Our video object tracking solutions integrates the machine learning and training data to annotate and track the objects in the videos 100 times faster than the manual annotations. The persistent object tracking frees up the annotators to make small corrections.

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Image Annotation

We are an artificial intelligence companies offer text, video and images annotation services and our platform is highly customizable and flexible. We offer a wide range of data annotation services like business data collection, product categorization, text extraction from PDF, model verification and more.

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Our Industries

Webtunix provides every Artificial intelligence service no matter what business you are in. Some of the industries we have worked on:

Health Care

Our Artificial intelligence services offering include solutions for hospitals and clinics. Health monitoring system, virtual health assistant, medication management system, digital consultation system are a few examples.

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Webtunix is Data analytics consulting Company Worked on sports gaming Predictive analysis for NBA, NHL, MLB. Our Gaming odds are offering NBA Standing Picks, winning and losing probability of team

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Cyber Security

We utilize our Machine learning techniques to find suspiicious attmepts, anomaly detection and provide the notifications of emerging attacks, it could be beneficial to stemming the tide of zero-day threats.

Cyber Security
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Telecom Industry

Webtunix has created Artificial intelligence based network applications such as precision algorithms can provide intelligent network optimization solutions.AI is finding its way into many other areas of the telecom networks.

Telecom Industry
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E-commerce businesses are already using forms of AI to better understand their customers. Solutions like product recommender system, computer vision applications, apparel recommendation engine systems and data analytics.

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Stock Market

Artificial intelligence is having a great impact on Stock markets. Our deep learning stock prediction algorithms can accurately predict the stocks market fluctuation, profitable trading and automated share trading.

Stock Market
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  • We make artificial intelligence simple
  • We invest in your success
  • We power your business with AI

Webtunix is Data Science Consulting Company serving data analytics services in San francisco, Texas, Virginia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India. We offer end to end Artificial Intelliigence services to your business to make your insights more better. We identify your business needs and how your data can help you to achieve it and what return you can have on your investment.

We provide our customers with a fully managed service to support every stage of their journey. We just don't sell software solution and leave you to it like other artificial intelligence companies. From implementing and onboarding our AI system to monitoring and evaluating the results, we will be with you in every step of the way to success. This is the reason webtunix is one of the well-known data science consulting company from other artificial intelligence companies in United States, Canada, UAE, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Turkey, Singapore and India.

Our Machine learning resources are designed revolving around the security and confidentiality at its core and protect your business data throughout your time with us.

The Complete Machine Learning solution for your business using data analytics services and techniques, fully implemented and deployed in your system. We are Serving data science consulting Services Across the World Like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, Libya, Singapore, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Malasyia, india and many other countries include detailed insights and reporting from our expert team.

Starting a conversation is easy. Drop us an email at info@webtunix.com and we will get back to you to discuss your business solution. Or fill up the Contact Us form below.

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Improve your Business analytics with our training data.

Better data is the key for the better products. We train you data for Machine Learning and better business analytics. We can annotate, collect, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language.