Digital Image Processing Services

Today is the field of computer vision is growing vast and significantly more processing memory and power. There are plenty of companies using artificial intelligence, Webtunix AI is one of the top Computer vision companies in India supports this niche,The Computer vision field is based upon the real-time video analysis, where the images for data analysis are supplied by one or more image sensors. Image processing services and Computer vision applications have found extensive in medical imaging, security and surveillance, automotive, entertainment, traffic lights, digitization and related domains. Our Image processing application services based on recognition/classification and tracking, optical Character recognition application (OCR), Content based Image retrieval (CBIR), 3D vision measurements, Image Color Detection, Face detection   recognition, 2D Image to 3D Image Conversion,Image editing and Scaling, Digital Watermark and Signature. There are plenty of possible Image processing Services done only with machine learning.

Why image processing:

There is a lot of difference between human visual system and imaging devices. Human visual system does not perceive the world as digital detectors.Thus for accurate and validate results image processing is required. Basically image processing has five basic purposes i.e

  • Visualization is done to observe the objects which are not visible in an image.
  • Image sharpening and Restoration makes quality of image better.
  • Image retrieval system helps to return image from large datasets by browsing and searching.
  • Measurement of pattern Measurement of pattern helps in identifying various objects on image by analyzing patterns.
  • Image recognition is used to distinguish different objects in an image.

Algorithms are designed according to need and various operations are performed on images with respect to their perspective algorithm. Digital image processing is always an interesting field because it gives improved pictorial information of image data for storage, transmission, and representation for machine perception.

What Webtunix offers:-

Webtunix AI offers various advanced digital Image processing services through where pictures can be enhanced, modified and quality of images can be generated. These quality images attract your customers and increase your sales. Our applications of artificial intelligence will include digital image processing services, computer vision applications services, optical character recognition apps and many more.

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Our Digital Image Processing Services Includes:

  • Real time Camera based Applications Eg:- Automated Traffic Counting and Classification (ATCC), Denoising of images using fuzzy logics.
  • Noise Removal and Pre-processing Eg- De-Blurring Images, Image inPainting
  • Object detection and tracking Eg. Skin Analysis, Road Sign, Traffic Signals, Store Audit
  • Image Selection and Filtering, Image thresholding
  • Image Cleansing and Extraction
  • Denoising of images using fuzzy logics.
  • Recognition of images like face recognition, object recognition and pattern recognition.
  • Iris Recognition using Retina detection of eye
  • Feature extraction, Edge detection.
  • Bio-metric Identification and verification, Fingerprint matching with fuzzy.
  • Image watermarking, steganography.
  • Detection of car’s number.
  • Change in color space.
  • Geometrical transformation.
  • Image transform using OpenCV
  • Image forgery detection, segmentation.

Image is a non verbal representation of object in 2D. An image is represented as d(x,y) and is composed of finite number of elements (pixels) each of which have their particular position and value, where x and y are spatial coordinates and d is intensity of pixel. If an image needs to be processed it has to be converted in digital form by sampling and quantization first. A digital image is numerical representation of image. There are plenty of possible Image processing Services done only with machine learning.

Technology transformed the way in which businesses connect with potential customers via online catalogs. Further companies can showcase their products to buyers and educate them about their key features and benefits.Image processing services can help businesses to convert their product images into professional looking catalogs.

Benefits of image processing:

Image processing is used in various fields like biology, astronomy, security (Biometrics), contrast adjustment, noise removal, edge detection, region detection (segmentation), Image compression, digital inpainting, remote sensing and medical imaging. All of these computer vision applications helps in our daily issues. There is a serious need for digital image processing services such as for security purpose (weapon detection), biometrics and to extract features.

If you are searching for company of Artificial Intelligence services consulting then Webtunix AI is the best organisation, who provides image processing services, designs algorithm using Python to achieve maximum accuracy. Our designed designs are optimized to use advance data structure algorithms to achieve maximum accuracy and throughput. We even offer research and innovation which starts from the basic research to applied research where the focus is always to lead towards technological development.

Webtunix AI offers comprehensive image processing services in india which can be customized to meet the requirements of both large and small organizations. Our image processing algorithms and Optical Character Recognition applications will automatically take quality assessment and best quality of images for Automated Number Plate Recognition services.

Image processing includes different operations such as capture, classification, extraction, validation, and export of images. We perform several cutting-edge techniques during this process. Different steps for operations performed on images are:

    1) Preprocessing Steps: Image preprocessing steps consists of following operations to be performed on images:
  • Enhancement
  • Binarization
  • Edge detection
  • Morphological Operations

2) Image Segmentation:Image partitioning into different segments is done. In addition to business use of developing online catalogs, image processing is used to resolve identification problems in forensic departments, medicine as well as forecasting weather maps from satellite images.

Just like Red Blood Cell Counts from images, Plant disease Identification, Human Age Invariant, and medical image processing services have become important. They can help to transform the information provided on micrographics, paper and other media into a variety of digital formats.

Webtunix AI is delivering image processing services to all across the world some of them are:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition:-Automatic Number Plate Recognition AKA Automatic License Plate Recognition can be done only using Machine learning techniques like optical Character Recognition (OCR), which reads an image from vehicle plates and recognize the vehicle data and their location as well. It can use existing road-rule enforcement cameras, closed-circuit television and High quality cameras specially designed for this task. Basically, ANPR is used for police forces around the world for law enforcement purposes to verify the vehicle is licensed or registered. Webtunix AI will design and develop high quality algorithm which detects and recognize the Number Plate and deliver maximum accuracy.

Image Processing Services

Object Detection and Recognition: - Computer Vision supports various Machine learning approaches like object detection   Recognition, image classification, Blur detection and removal, Image Inpainting, Image tagging and filtering and many more. Detecting and recognizing the unstructured objects in unstructured environments is one the challenging task in research. There are plenty of Machine learning and deep learning libraries are available like Convolutional neural networks which learns automatically from the features of input data. These batches of feature classify the images and represent the compact representation which is suitable for image classification and image retrieval.

Image Processing Services

Face Detection and Recognition System: - The definition of face detection system refers to computer Vision technology which identifies the presence of people within digital images or real-time videos. This is only possible to comparing the selected facial features from the image and face database. In order to work for face recognition applications use machine learning algorithms which are well-known to detect the human faces in larger images or real-time videos. These large images might contains various objects that aren't human faces such as vehicles, buildings, and many others. Face detection and recognition is broader level of terms which covers the face detection, object identification, blur removal, feature selection, face recognition and many others. We are providing Artificial Intelligence services which cover all image processing application services and object identification services.

Image Processing Services